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The Weight Loss Aid that is the sweetest of sweets...
Cakes, cookies, sweet breads, brownies, pudding, jellies and jams.
Safe for diabetics as it does not raise blood sugar!

Originally found growing wild in the highlands of Paraguay, Stevia is the sweetest substance on earth. Known to the natives as Khaa Jee but more commonly referred to as stevia (stevia rebaudiana).

      Stevia is a wonderful dietary supplement used for over 1500 years as a sweetener and for medicinal purposes.  Since the 1970's, stevia has been used in Japan as the main alternative to sugar, used instead of the banned aspartame  in diet soda, gum and other food and beverages.  Stevia is also being used as a sweetener in other countries after extensive studies proved it's safety.    Stevia has been used with success to treat many ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure, gingivitis, digestion ailments, addictions,  topically for acne and other skin ailments and also as a wonderful weight loss aid.   
DIABETES:   Known for its nourishing properties for the pancreas, stevia has been used by diabetics for centuries as a sweetener and also as a method of controlling blood sugar levels. 

HYPERTENSION:   Studies have shown that stevia lowers high blood pressure without affecting normal blood pressure. 

TEETH AND GUMS:   Due to high beneficial mineral content and anti-bacterial properties, stevia is a wonderful additive to toothpaste or diluted as a mouthwash. 

DIGESTION:   Stevia improves digestion and intestinal function, soothes an upset stomach and promotes quicker recovery from minor ailments. 

TOPICAL APPLICATION:   Applied to the skin, stevia treats acne and other skin ailments.  It also protects against premature aging. 

WEIGHT LOSS AIDE:   Stevia contains no calories and actually reduces cravings for sweets and fatty foods.  Studies have shown that it also minimizes hunger sensations.

Stevia Replacement Chart 

Sugar Whole Leaf Powder Concentrate Powder  Spoonable Powder  Liquid Stevia
1 tsp 1/8tsp tip of a toothpick 1/6 tsp 1 drop
1 tbs  3/8 tsp  1/2 pinch  1/2 tsp  3 drops
1 cup  2 tbls  1/2 tsp  2 1/4 tbls  48 drops

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(Source: SteviaCanada.com)

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