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Valerian:  Today the best known use of this herb is as a natural tranquilizer with a long history of safe use.  It also has been used as a stomachic, anti-spasmodic, carminative and has also been used since ancient times in the treatment of epilepsy. 

A number of scientific studies have shown that the valeptriates (ingredients of valerian) do act as tranquilers.  They produce fewer side effects than Valium and a recent study showed that valerian is useful in helping to bring on sleep. 

Valerian has an unusual, if not unpleasant odor, however, cats go crazy for it and in fact "intoxicates" them.  They will roll around in a garden that contains it.

Special Precautions:  Large does may cause vomiting, stupor and dizziness.  Continued use may lead to depression.

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