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Asparagus Root

      Asparagus Root:  Long treasured by herbalists in China and India, it is gaining popularity in the western world as well.  In traditional Chinese medicine, it is known as a "yin" tonic. 

Small doses taken regularly are believed to enhance feelings of love and compassion.  In India, Aspargus root is known as "Shatavari" and is taken by women as a hormonal tonic. 

Asparagus root contains steroidal glycosides, which may account for its reputation for increasing positive feelings such as love, patience and compassion. 

In Western medicine, it is used for its diruretic qualities.  It is a urinary-tract soother and tonic.  It is an effective treatment for urinary tract disorders and kidney stones. 

It also is a nutritive tonic that relieves some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, general exhaustion, tuberculosis and even AIDS.  It is a nutritive tonic for the lungs. 

Asparagus root is a restorative tonic for the female reproductive system.  It may enhance fertility, relieve menstrual cramps and increase the flow of breast milk in women.  Other benefits may include relieving the painful swelling associated with rheumatism, bloating and soothing dryness of the throat.

Unless otherwise prescribed: 45–60 g per day of cut rhizome. Infusion: 45–60 g of cut herb in 150 ml water. Fluidextract 1:1 (g/ml): 45–60 ml. Tincture 1:5 (g/ml): 225–300 ml.

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